More and Less Feminine (Looks)

In a previous article I have expanded upon what makes a woman more physically attractive to most straight men; with the overall message that greater female physical attractiveness boils down to looking more feminine.

Before you look at the images of the celebrities below who’ve donned more or less feminine looks, I want to emphasize that you do not have to look more feminine to attract the kind of guy you want; as long as that guy is not particularly masculine. 

Essentially, we are typically drawn to someone who is our complement or similar to us; when it comes to femininity vs masculinity and anything in-between, we attract who fits us on that dimension. More feminine women attract more masculine men, androgynous individuals attract other androgynous individuals, and so forth.

So, if you are attracted to men who are less masculine, then don’t concern yourself with looking (or acting) more feminine; it would only attract the “wrong” kind of guy for you.

Now without any further ado, compare the images below. Take note of which look is more feminine and hence more physically attractive to most straight men.


Scarlett Johansson



Evan Rachel Wood



Katy Perry



Miley Cyrus



Jennifer Lawrence



Kaley Cuoco



Natalie Portman



Kristen Stewart



Cara Delevingne



Julianne Hough



More and Less Feminine (Looks)