Warm Colour Seasons (Men)

Knowing your colour season can improve your style and appearance. You’ll wear the colours that suit your complexion the best and consequently boost your physical attractiveness. People will start noticing “you” over your clothes; they may start commenting on how you are “looking good” and not so much comment on a specific piece of clothing you are wearing. They may not be able to pinpoint what has improved exactly, they’ll just note that something has.

This overview only features male celebrities of the Warm seasons, meaning those people who have a warm undertone to their skin, hair, etc. Your undertone is warm when your skin and hair has a certain orange or yellow tinge to it under certain lights or in combination with unsuitable colours. Take an orange shirt and wear it close to your face. When your face looks pinkish and/or overpowered by the orange, you most likely have a Cool skin undertone. Otherwise, you are probably a Warm colour season.

Click on each Colour Season title to be directed to your best colour palette.

Bright Spring



Light Spring



Warm Spring



Soft Autumn



Warm Autumn



Deep Autumn


Eye colour: Just because your eyes are blue does not necessarily mean your colour season is cool; nor does having green, hazel, or brown eyes necessarily mean you are a warm colour season.

Blue-eyed people can be any season except for Deep Autumn or Deep Winter.

Green-eyed or hazel-eyed people are usually Soft Summers, Soft Winters, Light Springs, Warm Springs, Soft Autumns, Warm Autumns, or Bright Springs.

Brown-eyed people are usually Deep Winters, Soft Winters, Warm Autumns, Deep Autumns, Soft Autumns or Soft Summers (rare).

Asian or “Neutral”: Almost all Asians have got a warm overtone, but this is not the same as a warm undertone! Cooler colours probably look better on you; in that case, you are certainly Cool but with a warm overtone, which can make you look “neutral”.

If you are an Asian with a colouring that seems very “neutral” (in-between warm and cool) and/or you can pull off both cooler and warmer colors and lighter hair colours, you are probably a Soft Winter.

If your colouring is more deep, you are probably a Deep Winter.

Most East-Asians and Southeast-Asians are Soft Winters, whereas most dark-eyed South-Asians are Deep Winters.

Warm Colour Seasons (Men)

One thought on “Warm Colour Seasons (Men)

  1. myrosesindecember says:

    Thanks for this post. I am watching a very old movie, with Eric Stoltz, from 1987. He is wearing a very light blue-aqua tunic and it looks great on him so I was trying to figure out if he was a Spring or an Autumn. I never thought I would see an answer online but here you have it, along with Sam Heughan. Thank you,

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